Moving Bend Forward. Together.

There is indeed something special about Bend. Friendly, welcoming people, beautiful mountains and rivers, clean air and peaceful starry skies, great food, art, music and entertainment, a diverse, fun and lively culture. All open to each of us, and it's worth caring for and protecting.

But with the challenges ahead, it is more important than ever that we listen and learn from one another.  I hope you will review my priorities and give me your ideas on how we can move Bend Forward, Together.

As we move forward on the campaign trail, I hope to earn your support and your vote for Mayor.


Housing, Neighborhoods, and a Healthy Place for Everyone

All of us deserve a good home, which is why I worked hard to have the city adopt its first eight affordable housing policies. Today, those policies are working to lower rental costs and encourage landlords to offer incentives. As a result, the variety of housing, including multi-family and single family homes, is increasing.  

  • Everyone Deserves a Home.  Whether you are a young student out of college, a veteran, just starting a family, ready to retire and downsize -- wherever you are in life – I want you to be able to find a place to live in Bend that is friendly, meets your housing needs and fits your pocketbook. All families deserve a safe and affordable place to call home, in a neighborhood that is safe, with stores and services nearby.
  • A Clean Environment. Protecting our region’s clean air and water is a top priority. That’s why I am chair of the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project - which won a top national award for its effective work this past December. Our amazing natural surroundings, recreational opportunities, clean water and clean air are things we can never take for granted.
  • Healthy Neighborhoods. Keeping Bend special means providing choices to people, choices about where and how people want to live. If we are going to preserve Bend’s character, we need single family neighborhoods and compact neighborhoods offering choices our residents need and want.

Accessible and Effective Government 

A well-run, effective government takes hard work and creativity. To make good decisions, leaders need to listen more and balance the many diverse points of view that make up our community.

  • Staying Connected. As a full-time leader who is 100 percent dedicated to serving as your mayor, I want to create more opportunities to have your voice and ideas heard: what’s working, where there are challenges and concerns, and how we can do things better, together. That’s how strong communities grow and thrive and I look forward to continuing this work with you.
  • Every Voice Matters. I encourage and value strong input from all residents. I have continuously advocated for creating access for with diverse voices and values. I worked hard to support our Neighborhood Associations, which barely existed in 2012.  I helped institute funding and support from the City to our Neighborhood Associations and pass a Neighborhood Leadership Alliance to identify common needs and shared solutions between different neighborhoods in the City.
  • Opening Up the Public Process. When I was first elected to the city council, I recognized the need for public input and fought to expand the public process for all large community decisions.  When diverse people come together, we see and understand solutions no one can see when we stand isolated and alone. That’s the good governing I am committed to expanding.

Safe Streets and Transportation CHOICES

To stop our cars from idling in traffic, to keep goods being delivered on time, to give our families more choices - Bend needs a smarter transportation system. You deserve to move around Bend safely and efficiently - whether by car, by bike, by foot or by bus.  This won't happen if we are not engaged and working together.

Working alongside you, we can create an efficient and safe transportation system to meet our current and future needs.

  • Safe and Connected Streets. To keep our neighborhoods safe, I’ll work with Bend’s neighborhood associations to ensure their unique needs are considered during transportation planning and budgeting process. Every neighborhood needs transportation options that reflect their unique needs - from bikers and drivers to pedestrians and transit riders.

  • Safe Routes to School. To keep our kids safe, I’ll work with schools, parents and community partners to create safe routes to school, support education and bolster local training.

  • Experience Matters. Volunteering and working in Bend since the 1980’s, I understand the partnerships we need to shape an effective transportation system. We can find better choices by working creatively and collaboratively, keeping Bend a special place to live for all of us.

Working creatively and collaboratively we can find better choices for everyone while preserving the qualities that make Bend a special place to live for all of us.


Economic Stability and Vitality

No matter where you live in Bend, you deserve to work and live here, raise a family and enjoy long-term economic opportunity. Keeping, growing and bringing companies with good paying jobs that are compatible with our community is a priority.

  • Good Paying Jobs. To move our economy past tourism and seasonal jobs, I will work with you to focus on the training, mentoring, infrastructure needs and the one-on-one connections needed to support budding industries like Bend's technology, outdoor products, beverage, building, and biotech sectors. Working together to innovate and collaborate we can build a stronger economy.
  • Listening Builds Businesses. Business and government work better together when we listen to each other. I'll build dependable, smoother processes, so companies can keep their business on track and growing. And I'll create tools like Enterprise Zones that are good for business and create living wage jobs at the same time — a win-win.
  • Better Childcare. We need public/private partnerships that address Bend’s growing child-care needs. Together, I will work to ensure that shortages don’t prevent businesses from attracting and retaining talent and that parents who work have more choices for safe, high-quality affordable childcare.