Supporters from around Bend know that Sally Russell is the most qualified candidate to preserve the Bend we love, moving us forward together. 

“I have known Sally for years as a friend and as a hardworking, collaborative problem-solver who always has the best interests of Bend in mind. I urge you to vote for Sally Russell for Mayor.”
— US Senator Ron Wyden

“Sally is the leader Bend needs now. We’ve been discovered by the world, for better and worse. Sally has the skills necessary to leverage our popularity for good while managing the negative impacts of growth. Sally has my full support.”
— John Hummel / Deschutes County District Attorney

“Sally Russell is the perfect leader to be Bend’s first elected mayor. She has served with a steady hand for 5 years on City Council and brings a fresh, forward-looking, pragmatic approach to our City’s problems and opportunities. I couldn’t be more thrilled to support Sally’s candidacy to lead Bend into the future.”
— Carrie Douglass / Managing Partner, Education Cities; Vice Chair, Bend-La Pine School Board

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“Sally would be a wonderful Mayor! She is a great listener who really understands the many challenges Bend is facing, the trade-offs involved with different decisions, and the amazing opportunities we have if we can come together as a community.”
— Bruce Abernethy / Councilor, Bend City Council; Former Mayor of Bend

“Sally Russell has real integrity — that’s why Republicans, Independents, and Democrats are standing with Sally — for one simple reason: People trust her. Join me in voting for Sally Russell for Bend Mayor.”
— Tammy Baney / Deschutes County Commissioner

Photo Credit: Joshua Langlais, 2018

Photo Credit: Joshua Langlais, 2018

“I have known Sally Russell for many years and have always been impressed with her willingness to listen to — and hear — people as individuals with a valuable contribution to make. Bend’s cultural diversity is not always obvious, yet Sally has reached out to the Latino community, just as she has reached out to the community at large, to make sure that every voice is heard.”
— Greg Delgado / Latino Community Organizer

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“Sally has a firm grasp of the complex issues we face here in Bend. She is an excellent listener and collaborator. I trust her to tell the truth and lead well. What we need right now is leadership, and Sally is by far our most qualified candidate for Mayor and has a stellar track record of public service in our community.”
— Moe Carrick / Principal and Founder, Moementum, Inc.; TEDxBend Lead Organizer; Author; Bend Chamber Woman of the Year 2016

“In these times of divisive politics, Bend needs a leader who listens and solves problems by working collaboratively. Sally Russell has a track record of bringing people together to solve problems. She is always accessible. Sally is the effective leader we need to move Bend forward.”
— Oran Teater / Former Mayor of Bend

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“Sally Russell is leading the planning effort to create more housing and safer streets all across Bend, including in the Bend Central District (BCD). If you care about affordable housing, Sally Russell is the only choice for Mayor.”
— Moey Newbold/ Urban Planning Advocate

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Sally as Mayor pro tem is working on important issues today like healthy forests, good transportation and water solutions. Sally is my choice for Mayor.
— Alan Unger/ Former mayor of Redmond; Deschutes County Commissioner

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Sally Russell understands Bend’s history and has been involved in different capacities and roles with art and culture throughout the years... Sally has an enthusiasm for music, art and all things Bend. She supports our music industry and I look forward to working with her in the future. She has earned my respect and my vote for Mayor this November.
— Jasmine Barnett/ Arts and Culture Advocate

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“Sally has a unique ability to wade into complex issues and resolve them by getting people to work together. She cares deeply about Bend and she inspires me with her “can do” attitude and collaborative style!”
— Van Schoessler / Founder, Oregon Outdoor Alliance; President, Base Camp Oregon

Endorsed By

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Sherryn Adair
Thomas Atkins
Kathy Austin
Talena Barker
Christine Barnes
Jasmine Barnett
Jodie Barram
Karen Berky
Jeannie Berry
Lisa Bertalan
Polly Biasucci
Michel Boileau
Rod Bonacker
Georell Bracelin
Lisa Bradley
Sarah Broomhall
James Brown
Banni Bunting
Donna Burklo
Rebecca Burleigh
Sondra Burnham
David Butler
Mark Capell
Kit Carmiencke
Moe Carrick
Bill Carwile
Margaret Cascio
Rebecca Charlton
Karen Chitwood
Cameron Clark
Kevin Clohesey
Carolyn Clontz
Molly Cogswell-Kelley
Morgan Crowell
Casey Davis
Paul Dewey
Melissa Dholakia
Mike Doster
Nancy Doster
J.D. Downing
Brent Edens
Roger Egle
Ann Egle
Cynthia Engel
Dagmar Eriksson
Christy Eugenis
Paul Evers
Mary Fay
Melanie Fisher
Caroline Fitchett
Lauren Fleshman
Molly Foerster
Ron Foerster
Joe Forest
Marley Forest
Mikaela Forest
Laura Forest
David Funcheon
Michael Funke
Philip Garrow
Peter Geiser
Michael Giebelhaus
Jan Gifford
Greg Gifford
Becca Gilbert
John Gilbert
Ron Glover
Butch Goette
Amanda Gow
John Gross
Ellen Grover
Betsy Hammond
Bob Hanson
Dennis Hanson
Pam Hardy
Jacalyn Haworth
Ray Haworth
Brenda Hedges
Tod Heisler
Cris Himes
Joan Hinds

Judy Hoiness
Mike Hollern
Sue Hollern
Brad Irwin
Letty Jerskey
Annette Johansson
Bryan Jolly
Tory Junkin
Loren Kellogg
John Kelly
Grace Kennedy
Mikel Kohen
Deb Kraus
John Krog
Laureen Lampe
Nancy Locke
Danielle Lordi
Ned MacArthur
Shannon Maher
Barbara Malcolm
Debra McFarland
Bridget McGinn Clark
Spence McNeill
Carey McQuzte
Mary Meador
Max Merrill
Gurney Miller
René Mitchell
Catherine Morrow
Romy Mortensen
Zoe Newbold
Darci Palmer
Cheryl Parton
Lucie Pepper
Ben Perle
Michelle Porter
Steve Porter
Caren Raisin
John Raisin
Claire Ranstrom
Kent Reynolds
Joanne Richter
Mike Riley
Marty Rose
David Rosell
Judith Rosen
Shelley Sandifer
Michi Sato
John Schubert
Vanessa Schulz
Lisa Seales
Jenny Sheldon
Marjorie Sherman
Mike Schubert
Derek Sitter
Erica Skatvold
Sid Snyder
Julie Spinuzzi
Kellie Standish
Marybeth Stewart
David Stewart
Rene Stewart
Jason Tedrow
Candace Theberge
BJ Thomas
Ward Tonsfeldt
Roger Tragesser
Glenn Van Cise
Nichole van Eikeren
Theresa Wadden
Aly Waibel
Amy Warren
Lia Webster
Laurence Weinberg
Randy Weisberg
Peter Werner
Sara Wiener
Sheila Wilton
Bill Winnenberg
Kathryn Wood
Roger Worthington

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“I am inspired by Sally Russell’s humane and balanced leadership and confident of her measured and intelligent approach to policy-making. Sally is of this community in all ways that matter. She will represent the values of Bend well.”
— Ruth Williamson / Ruth Williamson Consulting

Spence McNeil headshot.jpeg
I’m standing with Sally because of her strong integrity and proven, long standing commitment to the Bend community.
— Spence McNeill/ Caring Citizen of Bend

Jacobson headshot.jpg
“I know she will be an excellent mayor! We need someone who listens to people and understands that the growth in Bend can be managed in a positive, forward-thinking and logical manner. Her experience and intellect make her perfect for this position. I’m grateful that Sally is willing to continue serving the diverse needs of Bend and I’m excited to see what our next few years will be like under her strong leadership!”
— Sally L Jacobson / Engaged Citizen

“Sally Russell has my vote for Mayor. She’s shown me great judgment in her service on the City Council, and she’s got the right attitude to bring people together to tackle the growth challenges we’re facing in Bend.”
— Chris Van Dyke / Engaged Citizen

“I admire and trust Sally’s wise and comprehensive approach to the challenging issues facing our community.”
— Betsy Warriner / Community Activist


Mr. Vora’s endorsement is personal and does not imply endorsement by the DSWC.

“I endorse Sally Russell for Mayor of Bend. She has a long history of community service including serving on the city council. Sally listens and tends to be moderate in her political views, not taking polarizing stands or antagonizing others with differing views. She is a collaborator. She is the best choice for Bend’s first directly elected mayor.”
— Robin Vora / Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District Director*

“After every conversation I have with Sally I walk away feeling excited and hopeful. Her passion, dedication and obvious love of Bend is contagious. I am thrilled to endorse someone I truly believe will serve ALL residents and the land. Go Sally!”
— Rose Archer / Founder, True You Food

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“Sally Russell knows how to bring people together to forge great solutions to our city’s challenges. Her experience, and her approach to governing, fit perfectly with Bend’s needs now and in the future.”
— Lou Capozzi Chairman / Retired, MSL Group

colette headshot.jpeg
Sally is clearly the best candidate- collaborative, a great listener and an accomplished, experienced “doer” for Bend.
— Colette Blum-Meister/ SE Bend Resident