sally's top issues today:

Strengthening Bend’s economic resiliency.
Focusing on supporting development of jobs that provide living wages.
Accelerate Affordable Housing.
With Sally’s vote, Bend’s Council just passed six policies to speed up new housing for people who work in Bend. Sally is looking for the next ideas in this important work.  

Livability – Keep Bend “Bend”.
It’s important to keep the “soul” of Bend intact. Granted, that means something different for every person: clean air, clean water, noise, traffic, open spaces, living wage jobs…we have to continue to work on identifying solutions that take care of our diverse residents and businesses.
Prioritize Transportation and Sewer Infrastructure work.
Funding for core infrastructure projects, keeping rates fair and equitable, is very important to Sally. During her four years on Council she has continuously advocated to increase streets maintenance funding without taking away from other key City services.


Sally Russell,
the Councilor who Listens.

We need Sally on Bend’s City Council. Fiscally responsible, she is fair, listens to all sides, and makes solid, informed decisions.

Sally has always been focused on creating a better Bend. A long time Bend resident and active community member, she raised her two daughters here, and knows what it’s like to juggle children, work and life.  Sally knows that her decisions are forming Bend’s future.

Over the past four years on Bend’s City Council, Sally has proven her ability to lead, including diverse voices and looking for solutions that work for the entire community.  

Sally’s broad work and management experience, in both the public and private sectors, and in recreation, culture and development, means she better understands the needs of a diverse Bend population.

Re-elect Sally Russell
for Bend City Council


A mother, a musician, an athlete, a vocal advocate for our community, a balancer of budgets, and a lover of life, Sally's enthusiasm filters its way into creating a better Bend.

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